Fiesta Friday - Oscar Fiestas III

The Oscars are coming Sunday February 24 and every year I love doing party inspiration for it! We all know it's not about the movies, or the awards, but what everyone is wearing.  At least for me and all the shows that will spend the following week being hypercritical of  everyone's outfits.  I love it when one show LOVES an outfit and another wants to beat down the stylist.

Speaking of fashion, invite your guests to become part of the decor and dress up! Check out College Fashion's everyday wear inspired by Les Misérables. Be inspired with  70's fashion for Argo, Indian-inspired garb for  Life Of Pi or camouflage gear for Zero Dark Thirty.

Oscar Party Fiestas Real Simple

Set your party scene with a clean and elegant feel from Real Simple's dessert spread.  Add edible glitter to everything! I find it in stock at my favorite baking store but online shops like Fancy Flours have a staggering array of items to glitz anything up.

Oscar Party Fiestas gold place card

Glittah makes everything fabulous! I love how Style Within Reach for The Glitter Guide made place cards with small trophies from the dollar store and mini glittered clothespins! You can make larger versions for food cards.

Oscar Party Fiestas  One Charming Party ballots

Turn One Charming Party's wonderful Oscars program complete with a ballot that contains all of the categories and nominees for the 2013 Oscars into a party game. Before the ceremonies, everyone fills out their ballots for whom they think will win, and at the end of the night, offer a fabulous prize like a bottle of champagne or movie passes to the person with the most correct.

I always look forward to Epicurious' annual tradition of creating menus inspired by each of the Best Picture nominees. If you want to step up your Oscar food game, this is the place to be.  For example, The Lincoln menu was built around the President's favorite foods, including apples, root vegetables, and oysters.   With the main character named Hushpuppy in Beasts of the Southern Wild, serving them with catfish and crab pays serious homage to the Bayou community of the story.

Oscar Party Fiestas Babble

Babble created their own version with inspiration from Django Unchained (classic southern fried chicken, mac ‘n’ cheese, and Cherry Cobbler) to haggis, Scotland's meatloaf-like meal of Scotland representing Disney's Brave.

Oscar Party Fiestas popcorn bar

What would an Oscars party be without a popcorn bar? I'm seriously crushing on Celebrations At Home's version for

Oscar Party Fiestas Amy Atlas

If you are heading toward a more traditional color palette, look no further than Amy Atlas' Oscar party!  I love the  gold topped Walk Of Fame brownies.  Sorry, you'll have to get her book for more photos.

Wash it all down with champagne; Food Network shows off a glass of bubbly elegantly garnished with a slice of starfruit.

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